Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The end of "The Journey"

Hey, hi, howareya?!

For those of you that know why I started keeping a blog, the reason for keeping it is now coming to a close. However, yes there is a "however" I will be keeping the blog going forward to document the rest of my own personal journey along the way. I figure that now that I have some readers, and they like hearing about the completely cray cray stuff I go through to get healthy, that I should keep going. Plus I like looking back at the post and seeing how I've progressed as a writer/person/panda. So here's to more recorded shenanigans. As soon as I get enough time to sit down and reorganize the site and a kitchen to cook in you can look forward to seeing some homemade cooking videos. Ever see a panda cook? Yeah, me neither. This should be interesting.

For those the started reading in the middle the reason I started this is because I was part of a bootcamp work out crew called "The Journey" Its was pretty much 60 days of finding out new ways of making my fat cry. I don't remember the last time I sweated so much, like, in life. EVERY TIME I go to class I leave looking like I showered with my clothes on. "Why?" you ask. Because this year I wanted to go into my birthday being more fit then I've ever been. I wanted a complete life change. That change includes all this unsexy fat that Ive accumulated over the years. I new that once I got rid of that, the rest of my life would come together like I needed it to. I guess what It comes down to is having the discipline to do follow through on boot camp. I knew once I started this that it would show in the other parts of my life. I was right and now Im starting to reap the rewards. Soon Ill be ready to TAKE OVER THE WORLD, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!.....* sorry, went to a weird place for a second....

So going forward I'm going to shorten the name of the blog to just "The Stripper in me". You guys know enough to know how I much I dig pandas and I think people get confused when they see the long name.

Hey wanna see a funny pic?  Here ya go:

I don't want to look like this again. I will look better than this, with my shirt off. Dammit!
Wanna see another funny picture? Of course you do.

This is what I sometimes feel like I might look like in the club. Does this stop me? HELL NAW! The music moves me baby!

I have funny yoga (it wasnt funny to me) story but I'm going to save that for next time. So until then....

AROO!!! AROO!! AROO!!!!!



  1. I so dig the writing. You are improving in every aspect of your life and I'm so glad that we all get to see it.

    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks LA Laly!. Im trying. Since we are talking about writing...?