Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm Gumby damn it!


Well, Costa Rica was a bust. However while I was there I did manage to get a couple of runs in and an awesome yoga class. I ate resonably well too. Mostly because most of my time was spent in the hospital look after my friend. Ill tell you that that story in the next post. Today we talk about yoga.

So as of recently I like to do yoga like once a week. I find that it gives my muscles a needed break while still providing a light workout of sorts. And the stretching of it all is pretty amazing and relaxing. I don't know if I subscribe to "Aligning chakras" or anything of that nature but with that being said I can see how one would be able to find some tranquility during the class. Hell, I just about fall asleep at the end of every class.

So while on vacation I set up a 4 mile route near the beach and went for a run. Running in humidity was horrible and stupid as hell and it was the slowest run Ive done in a long time. So because of those factors I chose yoga for my second workout. I looked online for a place and found this:

Aurora Yoga, Jaco Beach

Yoga on the cheap and the studio was really clean and really nice. They must wax the hell out of the floor.
When I got it there was another private session ( I think) that was finishing before the 9:30 am class that I was taking. Once that was done I was greeted by Catalina. A very tall,(she looked like she could have played volleyball or basketball or something) VERY easy on the eyes Yoga instructor. Who as it turns out was on her MF'n "A" game with her yoga. We went through about a SOLID 90 minutes of Vinyasa Flow  and got my serious Gumby on.  For the younger folks heres Gumby:

She asked me if I had taken a yoga before, I think because like every yoga/zumba teacher before her that sees me walk into their studio, she was skeptical as to how serious I might have been. I told he 1 or 2 times in a not so serious tone thinking that she would get that I was kidding. I dont think she did. I also told her to not worry about me and go as tough as she wanted to. Wow, "stretch" doesn't begin to describe what I was put through. We did some stuff that I never even seen let alone done before. We did the normal chataranga to cobra to down dog but some of the other stuff I would have never known that I could do. There was moves where I was my shoulders with my legs straight up in the air and one where I put my foot in my elbow and was cradling it... Like this:

hip opener.JPG
Yeah it felt as crazy as it looks.
  There was stuff that we did that wasnt on this poster and this poster is completely cray.
This guys has no bones. Anywhere.
So yeah, needless to say I was just a tad stiff the day after but I still felt great. I think what she did was take me through a normal work out for herself. I mean since I told her to go hard and not worry about me and I think thats what she did. But she came to my aid when I was struggling and offered blocks and a modified pose here and there. Overall I felt fantastic and accomplished. She also noted that I was very flexible to which I replied while slapping my chest with my right hand all gorilla style "Kung Fu!" (that didnt actually happen) I did mention that I had a martial arts back ground under a grunted breath or two. And I the end there was the normal cool down with the music but she did something different. I was in my zone about to fall asleep then she tapped a bell 3 times and I'm not sure what happened or if the bell was made from magical unicorn horn but I swear that I could feel the vibration from it. CRAY.

After the class was over I looked at my phone and saw that 90 minutes had passed. Crap. I was suppose to be on the way to pick my friend up by now. So, I asked for info on the place and took a few quick pics for you guys, sprayed my mat down, thanked her and headed out. Damn you Matt and your appendicitis.
Catalina and I after class. I feel like an oompa loompa next to her.

So if you're ever in Jaco, Costa Rica and need a yoga class or even just want a great workout go to Aurora yoga. You'll get what you need. As for Costa Rica, I need a damn do-over. You'll find out why in my next post. 

Pura Vida y AROO!!!



  1. When I took yoga way back in college, I always fell asleep at the end. I also always got in trouble for laughing.

  2. Ermahgerd... I laughed the whole time while reading your post. hahaha..but wait lemme fill you in..I'm a newbie at the worX & I'm on the awesome journey to get lean and healthy. Your blog was posted for us to view and get ideas and omg I love how honest and hilarious you are. I literally felt like we were talking in person, yeahh I know, CRAY.

    Anywho, kudos to you for going ham on yoga & I'm tots hating that you're in Costa Ricaaa!

    I'm soo going to subscribe/follow you (not in a creepy way lol).

    Gracias Tommy! :)

    1. AWWWW shucks :) Thanks for reading it. All do is write EXACTLY whats in my head and this is what I come up with. Congrats on starting The Journey at the WorX. You picked the right place to have your ass handed to you daily. I'll see ya soon!