Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sweaty Panda is not cute.

womp, womp.

Sorry I've been away and not posting but September has turned out to be one hell of a month. I have stories and I will get to them, its just that right now the following is priority and stuff.

I'm writing this post in response to a question that I've gotten a couple of times in recent weeks from people in class (bootcamp). That question is: How do you sweat so much? My simple answer is that I'm fat. I say that mostly because its easier to say when I'm out of breath. The other answer, I suppose, is more complex? I use a question mark because I don't really know that it is.

I go into class dry and leave looking like I just swam in my clothes. Which is funny because I know I don't smell like that. Smelling like pool water would be an upgrade. I'm pretty sure I smell like a swamp. My bootcamp BO aside I cant remember a time when I wasn't drenched at the end of a class. I suppose this could be contributed to many things one of which, at least until I'm not, is that I'm fat. Carrying around all this extra weight makes me have to work harder. I also would like to think that I have a pretty decent work ethic. I have my own personal motto when it comes working out. "Go till your gassed" and for me that means that I go as hard as I can for as long as I can until I cant. Then I break. Now, I know that some people think that's what they do and it may very well be fact, but I can tell you this: If you're not drenched in sweat by the time your done with a workout like bootcamp at the WorX, there is an EXCELLENT possibility that you aren't giving 100%.


Now let me back up for a sec and say that there could be many reasons for this. The reasons that I want to elaborate on is that for a lot of people they don't know what 100% feels like. They've never had to push that hard so they really dont know what the limits are. The tricky thing about limits especially when it comes to your body, is that they are mostly set by your own expectations of what you THINK you can do. The body is an amazing instrument. And can be pushed FAR beyond expectations. The greatest ability of the body is that it can adapt so that what was once difficult is now very doable. This way you can ALWAYS be better. Imagine that.

Here's something I do when I think I don't have anything left to give. Just when I think I'm about out of gas I don't stop. I bargain with myself. I ask my body to do more reps. For example if we are in the middle of doing push-ups and I start to gas at 40 reps before I decide to stop I tell myself to push out 4 more then if by then I haven't worked till failure (meaning on the last rep I fail because my muscles are fatigued) I push out an extra one until it I do. Its kinda funny because if you happened to be in my class and look over at me and I'm face down in the mat its likely because I cant get up;)

Another thing I do is really, really hokey but works for me. When I feel like I'm starting to wear down I just take a couple of breaths and say "beast mode" and I try and haul ass in whatever exercise that I'm doing. This usually results in a good 10-15 second burst followed by the very loud sound of me gasping for air, but trust me it will make ALL the difference in the world when it comes to achieving the results that you want.
The only thing standing  in the way of being a better you, is you. It's your body. You're the boss of it, so kick it in the ass and tell it what to do.

Now lets go kick some ass.




  1. Do you get nauseous while working out? Most of the time that I have to stop is because I'm about to throw up (or I do throw up and then my gym makes me quit). I feel like my muscles could keep working longer but my stomach won't let me.

    1. Getting nauseous has to do with how long ago you ate before you came to work out, I mean you are obviously kicking ass though otherwise you wouldn't get nauseous. Just try and not eat at least a couple hours before depending on how fast you think you digest. You may have to tweak the times in order to get it right though.

    2. I usually don't eat anything. One trainer told me to eat something small like an apple or banana before coming in but that wouldn't help. Another told me to do a small protein shake but liquid made it worse. Now I usually don't eat anything because I don't have time to let it digest anyway. And I still feel nauseous. Moral of the story is running is stupid.